Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New iPad Has Code Name 'J1 and J2'

New iPad Has Code Name 'J1 and J2':

CALIFORNIA - iPad code
recently discovered that a report that quoted Apple iPad producing partners in
Taiwan. The code is not just one but two test models for the iPad third but
only one version will be elected by two.

The source was first
disclosed by Digitimes say "Apple is planning two tablets with code J1 and
give PC to project its supplier partners to develop it."

"The essential
difference in the size, specifications and technologies," writes
Digitimes, cited by Softpedia, Tuesday (22/11/2011).

Shows, however,
Digitimes, even when the PC Code J2, J1 to upgrade the computer and lists the
components used on the iPad 3 is not too different from the second iPad

Reports from Taiwan cannot
be trusted because Taiwan a bad reputation in predicting Apple's next step, as
happened in the previous iPhone is 5, but at the last moment in the iPhone 4S.

As we know, several
sources said three iPad more stunning screens with high resolutions up to 2048p
and look at net, so far the only 1536p. Due to this demand, Apple was forced to
offer its partners continue lighting solutions for lighting two LED bars.

The weak demand for the
development of this technology is that the tablet is thicker, but there are
several vendors that offer design simply by adopting a light bar with two LED

Apple has not yet
decided which of the two tablets of the project it launched, but sources
believe will make the company a final decision about their needs. The supplier
should be ready for mass production because it was the first example

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