Friday, October 21, 2011

FlashLight Professional. No Ad 2.0 Apk

FlashLight Professional. No Ad 2.0 Apk | 1.1 MB | Mediafire Download
Requires Android:1.6 and up

FlashLight Professional is completely free and contains no advertising!
FlashLight Professional doesn't contain any ads and is free. It's multifuctional and very useful.

Upd: New delightful candle which reacts to movements of your phone!

Application features:
- The White light mode - such mode will be useful for illumination in dark time, to find of your stuff etc.
- The Candle mode - amazing live candle witch reacts to movements of your phone! It's really cool! It can be very useful at meetings, actions, bars and concerts
- The Stoplight mode - such mode can be useful in case of full breakage of your car or a motorcycle during dark time to inform other drivers. This mode may be useful during wheels changing and other works at dark time. Besides it can be used as a bicycle stoplight (it is necessary to fix the phone on bicycle).
- The Flashing light mode - in such mode your phone turns to a red and blue police flasher. You also can switch on police car horn. Attention! You can use such mode at your own risk.
- The Customized screen mode - in such mode you can fully customize the screen. You can write custom text (such as "Taxi" or "I love you", ets.) and setup any screen colors.
- In the Emergency mode your phone starts to make distress alert (s.o.s. morze signal) and begins to flash with the white screen.

Additional features of FlashLight Professional:
- It can make a short link and put it to notification bar for quik access
- The application can change the background. Carbon, Tree and Electronics are available today
- Automatically turn on white light then application starts.


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