Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ICS+ Launcher Apk

ICS+ Launcher Apk | 4.8 MB | Mediafire Download
Requires Android:2.0 and up


Ice Cream Sandwich launcher is a home replacement that will give any Android device the look and feel of the unreleased android update, 4.0 ice cream sandwich. This launcher will do its best to clone the UI and features of the official update. Although the real 4.0 update has yet to arrive and has been postponed, we will do our best to update the launcher as new information is released!

V1.3.0.0 update:
# bug fixes;

What do you get with ICSL+?

★Extra Wallpapers (18)
★Pre-installed apps
★Extra Goodies ready to use
★More add-ons every update
★A Full team ready to help you at any time!
What are the main features of Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher?

★Clones Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0
★Extremely Fast and Smooth Scrolling (When properly set up)
★ICS Wallpaper Chooser with 18 wallpapers
★Hide Notification Bar (Gesture/Swipe up)
★ICS Settings
★ICS Styled Google Search Bar
★Icy Blue ICS Analog clock
★Hide Labels (Under Launcher Settings in ICS Settings)
★Tutorials and Help
★Supports all sources of wallpapers (e.g. Cyanogenmod, gallery, 3rd party choosers)
★Supports Live Wallpapers (All sources)
★Scrollable Widgets (e.g. HTC, Colorize Widgets, Fancy Widgets)
★Re-Sizable Widgets (Any resizable widget)
★And much more to come!

What is planned for future updates?

★Horizontal Drawer
★Add Real ICS icons
★More optimizations and fixes

Quick Tips and Help

★Swipe up to hide the notification bar on any home screen. Swipe down to bring it back.
★Please be patient! Ice cream sandwich Launcher is a very, very unique launcher! It has not been done before and we are still learning. But, fortunately we have many people helping us and more updates and fixes are always on there way!
★This Launcher may not run properly on all devices such as low end phones!
★For support, be sure to send us an email or contact us! Support email is

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