Sunday, December 11, 2011

Farm Frenzy 2.19.32 Apk Game

Farm Frenzy 2.19.32 Apk Game | 9.9 MB | Mediafire / Multiupload
Requires Android:1.6 and up


Farm Frenzy has 48 action-packed levels to keep you busy, starting from simple egg collecting tasks to the rigours of producing cheese, woollen cloth and cakes all at the same time.

To help you along the way you can upgrade various parts of your farm, from the vehicle you use to transport the goods to market, to the warehouse you can store goods in, even the buildings that produce the goods. Soon you’ll be producing vast quantities of products and turning over a huge profit.

As well as the standard upgrades the really canny player may unlock special VIP bonuses, these include super-fast transport vehicles, automatic water-pumps and discount cards to secure cheaper purchasing of animals for your farm!
With bright vibrant graphics, a great soundtrack and more fun than an afternoon at the petting zoo, Farm Frenzy will have you hooked. Happy farming!

Game features:
★ 48 original levels
★ Five animals to care for
★ Nine farm products to sell
★ Six buildings to purchase
★ Unlimited game time
★ VIP bonuses
★ Brilliant graphics and nice soundtrack

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