Wednesday, November 16, 2011

GoLauncher Vending Machine 1.8 Apk (Theme)

GoLauncher Vending Machine 1.8 Apk (Theme) | 2.1 MB | Mediafire Download
Requires Android:2.0 and up


This theme requires the GoLauncher Home Replacement application to work. It is not an app you can run. Download GoLauncher from ApkBin if you don't have it already.

v1.8 update:
- More Icons added, theme additions
- v1.7 Image Optimisation
- v1.6 Initial Release

* It includes over 50 customised app icons (and counting)
* 2 choices of wallpaper - 4x4 home icon grid and a 5x5 home icon grid. (Menu - Wallpaper - Go Wallpaper)
* Space for widgets without breaking the theme
* For best results and greatest effect I'd suggest the 5x5 icon home grid setup. (Menu - Preferences - Screen Settings - Grid Size)
* Also- In Preferences - Screen Settings - untick the "Normal/ Portrait" checkbox under "home homescreen transition") this will stop the wallpaper sliding around so your snacks fit in perfectly
* You should also set your app drawer to 5X5 icon grid for the best results. (Menu - Preferences - App Drawer Settings - Grid Size)


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